Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the blog power list

net-a-porter has revealed its BLOG POWER LIST

the list was determined by an incredibly distinguished panel, including:

Jonny Johansson, Creative Director, Acne
Mickey Boardman, Founder, Paper Magazine
Rich Tong, Fashion Director, Tumblr
Mattias Swenson, Founder, Bloglovin'

1. Jak&Jil with photographer Tommy Ton ~ check it!
2. Hanneli with former model Hanneli Mustaparta ~ check it!
3. BryanBoy with BryanBoy ~ check it!
4. Garance Dore with Garance Dore ~ check it!
5. Style Bubble with Susanna Lau (Suzie Bubble) ~ check it!
6. The Sartorialist with Scott Schuman ~ check it!
7. Business of Fashion with Imran Amed (and a network of writers) ~ check it!
8. Style Rookie with Tavi Gevinson ~ check it!
9. The Coveteur with Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark ~ check it!
10. Yes! A Bunny Stream of Conch (tumblr) with Julia Frakes ~ check it!

i think it's really fantastic.
highly esteemed names in the fashion industry are acknowledging
the ever-growing power fashion blogging is gaining.

fashion blogging is building MEGA momentum
it's defining the fashion world we know today.

blog readers have instant access - anything from - street style, DIY projects, designer/blogger collaborations, fashion gossip, etc. etc. etc.
it's only a click away.

bloggers are spreading fashion news to readers BEFORE it can print to press.

CONGRATS again to the beauties of the blogger list.
many of them are my favorites to follow. xx


  1. maybe one day we can be on this list??

  2. It's a revolution!